Nicasio Valley Cheese
All our cheeses are made from 100% organic farmstead cow's milk.
Foggy Morning : Our American Cheese Society award-winning fresh cheese, it’s soft with a very subtle tang. Excellent on its own or paired with either savory or sweet accompaniments.

Foggy Morning with Basil & Garlic : Restrained notes of organic basil and garlic are infused in our creamy Foggy Morning.

Formagella : Made in 3-4” rounds with a velvety white exterior, this is the mildest of our aged cheeses, similar to a Camembert or Brie.

Halleck Creek : Big brother to our Formagella, this soft-ripening cheese in produced in 8” wheels, getting smoother as it ages.
Loma Alta : Another soft-ripening cheese similar to Formagella and Halleck Creek, but with a more-defined rind and nutty undertones. Gold medal winner at the California State Fair.

Nicasio Reserve : A classic Swiss-Italian mountain cheese with a rich flavor, refined and luxurious from aging at least three months. Gold medal winner at the California State Fair.

Nicasio Square : Our first washed-rind cheese, with a golden-orange rind and a distinctive aroma and flavor, reminiscent of a Taleggio. 2011 Good Food Award winner.

San Geronimo : Our newest cheese, this washed-rind is like a cross between a Fontina and a Raclette. A good melting cheese, it stands up well to other bold flavors.

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